The network of the Dolomites

At the heart of this project lies a dream...
The dream to gather information on the nature, landscape, culture and tourism of the “World Heritage” site of the Dolomites, and to make it available to everyone

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Fondo europeo agricolo per lo sviluppo rurale: l'Europa investe nelle zone rurali.

Project funded by: Programma di Sviluppo Rurale per il Veneto 2007-2013, Asse 4 - Leader.

Organisation responsible for information: Unione Montana Agordina.

Management body: Direzione Piani e Programmi del Settore Primario, Veneto Region.


In Seville, on 29 July 2009, the Dolomites were declared a World Heritage Site and much of the core area of the UNESCO site lies in the Belluno Dolomites:

  1. Gruppo Pelmo, Croda da Lago;
  2. Marmolada;
  3. Pale di San Martino-San Lucano;
  4. Dolomiti Bellunesi (Belluno Dolomites);
  5. Dolomiti Settentrionali (Northern Dolomites).

To experience the UNESCO Dolomites is to share in and promote their specific values and to identify and appreciate all the aspects that contribute to the vastness, aesthetic beauty and scenic setting of the landscape.

OPENALP-3Dolomiti aims to provide readily available sources of information on nature, history, culture, traditions and tourism, in order to promote the cultural heritage and scenic landscape of the area of GAL Alto Bellunese, which is formed of 5 mountain communities: the mountain communities of Agordina, Valle del Boite, Centro Cadore, Comelico Sappada, and Cadore Longaronese Zoldo.
OPENALP-3Dolomiti is a dynamic tool for the collection and publication of information on historical, cultural and natural heritage, and represents the starting point for the creation of “places of collective identity” which can be appreciated from every single angle. Only then can a new form of tourism be promoted that benefits both the land and its people.


The “OPENALP-3Dolomiti: Webgis a indirizzo geo-turistico per la valorizzazione del patrimonio naturale e culturale dell’alto Bellunese (OPENALP-3Dolomiti: Webgis geo-tourism project for promotion of the natural and cultural heritage of Alto Bellunese)” is a project promoted by the Unione Montana Agordina and funded by the Piano Regionale di Sviluppo Rurale del Veneto 2007-2013 – “Misura 313 Incentivazione alle attività turistiche (Measure 313 Incentivisation of tourism activities)” -“Azione 4 Informazione (Action 4 Information)”.

OPENALP-3D is a project included in the Local Development Plan ” V.E.T.T.E.” of “Local Action Group Alto Bellunese”, that has affected the whole territory of the five Unioni Montane, participating in the GAL.

Its implementation has also been possible thanks to the valuable contribution of the Municipalities Consortium of “Bacino Imbrifero Montano (BIM)” of the Piave river, Belluno Province, which supported the entire cost not hedged by the funding granted by the GAL Alto Bellunese.

OPENALP- 3D is an extension of the Geographic Information System, realized within the Permanent Observatory Natural Alpine (OPENALP®)  (project Interreg IIIA Italy-Austria (2006-2008)), made by the Comunità Montana Agordina, in collaboration with the CNR- Dynamics of Environmental Processes Institute (IDPA) – Milan sect., the Technical Mining Industry Institute “U. Follador”, and the Austrian partner TIRIS®.

OPENALP-3D was created further to NATURE: view points, biotopes, geo-sites, waterfalls, giant trees, glaciers-snow fields, springs, flora, alpenglow, etc., protected areas (Regional and Provincial Parks, etc.) Sites of Community Importance, UNESCO areas (areal elements).

The OPENALP-3D platform allows the user to surf in three dimensions, with high definition images and a dynamic description of the places of interest and itineraries with 3D video content created especially for the purpose, guaranteeing the “dynamic control of content” and allowing all subscribers to download regular updates.

All significant information relating to the area is reorganised and carefully entered in geo-referenced databases (where each element is associated with a location represented by a pair of coordinates). In this way, the unique features of the Dolomites are represented in a multi-scalar and multi-themed manner within a 3D context, making OPENALP-3D a powerful tool to promote the area and make it known to a vast and varied public who can access it from anywhere.

OPENALP-3D acts as an aid for planning itineraries of interest, allowing you to explore the area easily from “home” and create .gpx itineraries for downloading onto hand-held devices, mobile phones and GPS units, and to prepare special maps and download associated PDF files containing all relative documents.
OPENALP-3D represents, for local authorities and business operators, a tool for planning offers for visitors that promote and benefit the area within the context of sustainable tourism.


The map database allows you to browse the area by viewing high definition images in 3D or against special backgrounds for special uses like: the Regional Technical Map (scale 1:10,000) of the Region of Veneto with shading, and the altitude map or contour maps which are useful for people who want to go on summer and winter excursions; the Digital Model of the Area: a three-dimensional model in shades of grey, in the typical style of traditional IGM cartography; excursion maps, etc. 
The map database will be progressively updated during the course of the project.

Dolomiti 3D


NATURE: view points, biotopes, geo-sites, waterfalls, giant trees, glaciers-snow fields, springs, flora, alpenglow, etc., protected areas (Regional and Provincial Parks, etc.)  Sites of Community Importance, UNESCO areas (areal elements);

ART, HISTORY, CULTURE, TRADITIONS: museums, churches, historical buildings, historical centres, sundials, art monuments, capitals, crosses, fountains, lime kilns, decommissioned mines (only those safe to access), archaeological sites, Venetian sawmills, mills, sites of the Great War, micro-toponyms, legends, stories drawn from literature, figurative works, pictorial representations, coats of arms, etc.

ITINERARIES: routes in the area (Alta Via, Cammino delle Dolomiti, via dei Papi, etc.), itineraries that take in places of artistic-cultural and/or natural interest along roads and paths, snow racket itineraries, alpine skiing itineraries, hiking itineraries, mountain biking itineraries; religious itineraries, routes taking in sites of the Great War, etc.

ACCOMMODATION AND TOURISM FACILITIES: shepherd’s huts, refuges, bivouacs, hotels, B&Bs, holiday farms, rock-climbing walls, lifts, ski slopes, cycle routes, etc.


To browse the territory from mobile devices enter


The objective is to build a “network” to promote the development of “sustainable tourism” where users can add to and improve upon the content with their own comments and experiences of this World Heritage site.

Who are the users-operators of OPENALP-3Dolomiti?


Here’s the scenario OpenAlp3D available to everyone for free !

  1. Go to
  2. Download Download the latest version of 3DRTE and, with a few clicks, you will have on your PC the new scenario Openalp3D.

What requirements must your PC?

Recommended: 4 GB of RAM, Core i3 Processor , Windows 7 , dedicated 3D graphics card with 512 MB ​​of RAM (but prior to installation verify that the drivers of the graphics card are up to date).

Minimal performance: you can use a personal computer with 2 GB of RAM / Dual core processor > 2 GHz / 3D graphics card with OpenGL support . The benefits in this case are minimal , and not recommended.

Compatibility of 3D RTE: compatible with the 64-bit versions of Windows, which runs as a 32 bit.Supportata from Windows XP ( updated to the latest Service Pack ) and Windows Vista. Not recommended on the NetBook.

Do you own a MAC or LINUX work on a platform?

It’s possible to perform 3D RTE on Mac (Apple) using Boot Camp and installing Windows ( refer to the documentation of Boot Camp for any clarification ). The ability to perform 3D RTE on Mac OSX using Wine is not guaranteed and on Linux through Wine ( ) is under revision.
Consider , however, that 3D RTE and its system of permits are not certified for use on these platforms.
To learn more and to always have the program on your pc registered on the site

Want to participate in the working group of the project OpenAlp3D?

  1. Go to;
  2. Download Download the new version of 3DRTE and, with a few clicks, following the instructions, you’ll get on your PC the new scenario Openalp3D.

Do you already have a license track view card?

  1. Go to
  2. Download Download the latest version of 3DRTE and, with a few clicks, you will have on your PC the new scenario Openalp3D.

Become a part of the working group , too! Send an e- mail to barbara.aldighieri @



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Help with the Project

Openalp-3D is for everyone! It is a “network” where each user can also be an operator and add information and experiences to the platform: photographs, video content, itineraries of any kind, surveys of places of natural or historical interest, etc. to help develop the project. 
Taking part in the project are:
- the 5 mountain communities that belong to GAL Alto Bellunese: The Mountain Communities of Agordina (project leader), Valle del Boite, Centro Cadore, Comelico Sappada, and Cadore Longaronese Zoldo;

- The Magnificent Community of Cadore;

- The Ladino Jesa de Jan Cultural Institute;

- The Ladin de la Dolomites Institute;

- Unioni Ladine delle Dolomiti Bellunesi (Ladine Unions of the Belluno Dolomites);

- Some Pro loco organisations;

- CAI Sez. Agordo;

-The Follador mining institute;

- Alpine Rescue.

Contact us to contribute to the project or to request information:

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To contribute:

CNR Milano - Istituto per la dinamica dei processi ambientali

[email protected]

For information:

Progetto OpenAlp3D

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For administrative information:

Comunità Montana Agordina

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Organization in charge of information: Comunità Montana Agordina
Management Authority: Direzione Piani e Programmi Settore Primario della Regione del Veneto